Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie
My first attempt at making blueberry pie!

My grandmother used to make the best blueberry pie. No joke. It was so good, my dad wouldn’t share it with anyone. It got so bad that my grandmother had to make mini pies for me and my sister just so we could have some. I always thought making blueberry pie was difficult, I mean, my grandma was the best baker I knew (sorry mom!), so blueberry pie must’ve had a whole bunch of steps in it. Then, I thought, even if it was simple, I couldn’t do her pie justice. She always made her dough from scratch. I mean, nothing this woman made was out of a box. A few months ago I made my first ever blueberry pie, and although I didn’t make my pie crust from scratch (I’m not that good yet!), I think I did my grandma proud with the filling. And maybe even the lattice work.

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